Hunting Island State Park Campground area.
Victoria Hansen/SC Public Radio

Popular State Park Reopens after Hurricane Damage

There’s a stop sign for campers pulling into Hunting Island State Park. But visitors have likely slowed down long before. The island has been closed for nearly two years following Hurricanes Matthew and Irma. To the right of the entrance, campers once enjoyed breath taking beachside views. Now storm damage takes their breath away. “I wasn’t even sure there would be a spot,” said Eileen Benjamin as she wandered on to the beach. “When you drive in you see all the down trees and you think if it...

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Bits of human brain tissue no larger than a pea are forcing scientists to think about questions as large as the nature of consciousness.

These clusters of living brain cells are popularly known as minibrains, though scientists prefer to call them cerebral organoids. At the moment, they remain extremely rudimentary versions of an actual human brain and are used primarily to study brain development and disorders like autism.

Every time Rupert Murdoch gets closer to control of the British-based entertainment and TV giant Sky, new obstacles arise.

The latest challenge could shatter his plans — or make him a richer man.

"I will never be fired," professor Randa Jarrar taunted critics after she blasted Barbara Bush as a racist not an hour after the former first lady's death was announced last week.

And the president of California State University, Fresno, has confirmed that she will keep her job.

When Algorithms Replace Tastemakers

8 hours ago

With Meghna Chakrabarti

You think you’ve got style? Actually, algorithms are the new tastemakers now. How does machine learning influence what we watch, wear and listen to?


Kyle Chayka, writer who has contributed to The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, and Blooomberg. His story “Style Is an Algorithm” on the beauty and style website Racked explores taste in the age algorithm recommendations. (@chaykak)

It’s not easy for a professional musician to give up their own instrument and play with another. But in Nashville, members of the symphony are performing around the city using the “Violins of Hope” — a collection of string instruments that survived the Holocaust.

Emily Siner (@SinerSays) from WPLN has the story.


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A majority of US Supreme Court justices on Wednesday seemed to agree with the government’s contention that President Donald Trump had the authority to ban travelers from several Muslim-majority countries in the name of national security.

Heading west on I-20 from the Midland, Texas, airport, the highway is littered with 18-wheelers and pickup trucks. The horizon is full of oil derricks and pump jacks, just like in the movies. About half an hour down, right on the service road, is what looks like a high-end recreational vehicle park with mobile housing units lined up one after the other. It’s called Iron Horse Ranch Lodge, and it’s what local people refer to as a “man camp.”

The acting director of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, Mick Mulvaney, said Tuesday that he wants to cut off public access to a web-based database of complaints about financial companies. The American Bankers Association thinks that’s a fine idea. Consumer advocacy groups, not so much. 

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Merkel to stress tariffs threat to American jobs

4 hours ago

Call it a one-two punch from the European Union. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit the White House on Friday, just days after French President Emmanuel Macron. The two European leaders are pushing the same agenda in their meetings with Trump. 

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Who's asking for exemptions from Trump's tariffs?

5 hours ago

We've been doing some digging into some of the 2,200 exemption requests the Department of Commerce has received from American companies who want to get out from under the steel and aluminum tariffs — 25 percent and 10 percent, respectively — that went into effect March 23.


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