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After almost 20 years, Mike Switzer retired from Wells Fargo Securities in 2001 as Senior Vice President/Investment Officer and Certified Portfolio Manager.  In 2008, he and his wife, Maggie, sold a Baskin Robbins ice cream store they owned and operated for eight years on Forest Drive in Columbia. While operating the ice cream store, Mike and Maggie received patents for a portable ice cream sink and fold-down sneezeguard they invented and in 2002 started Magnolia Carts which they sold in 2013.

In 2009, Mike and Maggie finished construction of their new “green” home in Blythewood, SC which was awarded Gold Certification in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program from the US Green Building Council.  In 2011, Mike co-founded Voterheads (www.voterheads.com), a voter education/citizen participation technology company.  He currently serves on the company’s board of directors. He is also past chair of the Town of Blythewood Planning Commission and currently serves as the executive director of the Greater Blythewood Chamber of Commerce.

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Tristan Weinkle
Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio

With the new administration in Washington proposing cuts in federal funding for arts organizations around the country, our next guest says that it’s not just those organizations that will be affected but the business community, as well.

Mike Switzer interviews Dr. Tristan Weinkle, owner of South Carolina Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care in Columbia, SC.

Brad Hoffman
Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio

If you haven’t heard, June is "Ag and Art Tour" Month in South Carolina.  Since 2012, this free, self-guided tour of farms and artisans across several counties in our state has been giving visitors the opportunity to see first-hand where their food comes from, watch artists in action, purchase food and art, dance to the melodies of bluegrass and folk songs, and learn more about rural life.  This tour is, in fact, the largest free "farm and art" tour in the nation.

Many of you have heard of Columbia’s Bull St. development project.  But if you haven’t, it’s a 20-year, 181-acre project to transform the historic S.C. State Hospital site into a mixed-use neighborhood.  The new Columbia Fireflies baseball team is there with their new stadium.  And many other new tenants are on site as well, some of them in newly restored historic buildings.  However, some are complaining the development isn’t moving along fast enough.

The financial markets go up and they go down, sometimes they go around and around, and where they’ll go next, no one can say for sure.  That’s why financial advisors recommend diversification, which can help smooth out the ups and downs.  Our next guest says that you can smooth those returns even further by adding liquid alternative investments to your portfolio.  And no, that does not mean buying stock in Jack Daniels.

John Warner

A weekly update of the entrepreneurial activity in South Carolina.

Mike Switzer interviews John Warner is co-founder of Concepts to Companies and founder of the Swampfox Facebook page, based in Greenville, S.C.