"A" is for Atwater, Harvey LeRoy [1951-1991]

Jan 5, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

"A" is for Atwater, Harvey LeRoy [1951-1991]. Political Adviser. Born in Atlanta, Atwater was reared in Columbia. A graduate of Newberry College, he received an MA in mass communications from USC. He spent much of his early career managing campaigns for prominent South Carolinians Carroll Campbell, Floyd Spence, and Strom Thurmond. In these elections he gained a reputation as a shrewd, yet negative campaigner, willing to use almost any tactic to help his candidate. In 1980 Atwater helped manage Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign in South Carolina and was rewarded with a political appointment in the White House. In1988 he was a chief political strategist for George Bush’s successful presidential campaign. After the election Atwater became chairman of the Republican National Committee. In 1990 LeRoy Harvey Atwater developed inoperable brain cancer and resigned his chairmanship.