"C" is for Campbell, Lord William [ca. 1730-1780]

May 2, 2017

"C" is for Campbell, Lord William [ca. 1730-1780]. Governor. A younger son of the fourth duke of Argyll, William entered the royal navy in 1745. In 1763, as captain of HMS Nightingale, he put into Charleston where he met and married Sarah Izard, a wealthy heiress. He returned home and was elected to Parliament. He served as governor of Nova Scotia before being appointed governor of South Carolina in 1773. Arriving in the colony in June 1775, he was met with incipient rebellion that he neither understood nor quelled. On September 15, 1775, he fled the colony for his life. During the British attack on Sullivan's Island in June 1776, Campbell was aboard HMS Bristol and received wounds from which he never completely recovered. Two years later, Lord William Campbell died at Southhampton, England.