"C" is for Chalmers, Lionel [1715-1777]

Jan 3, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

"C" is for Chalmers, Lionel [1715-1777]. Physician. Scientist. A native of Scotland, Chalmers was in Charleston in 1737 where he established a modest practice. In 1740 he entered into partnership with Dr. John Lining. Lining had been recording weather data for years. Between 1750 and 1759 Chalmers compiled his own series of meteorological records. Later he combined Lining’s records with his in his best known work, An Account of the Weather and Diseases in South Carolina—published in London in 1776. An earlier work, Essay on Fevers was well-received by Britain’s most influential scientists and physicians. During the 1750s he began corresponding with the influential physician-naturalist Dr. John Fothergill of London. He aided Fothergill’s interest in natural history by sending him plant and animal specimens.  Lionel Chalmers also served as the Charleston port physician.