Coconut Ice Cubes

Mar 31, 2017

Coconut water is having a moment right now, and for good reason!  It’s got eighteen times the potassium, nine times the magnesium and half the sodium and sugar of a traditional sports drink. So it’s a good after-work out recovery drink to recover electrolytes and a great way to hydrate.  Coconut water is nature’s sports drink with more potassium than even a banana.  You can drink coconut water, or you could even make coconut ice cubes to add to your cold beverages. 

Try coconut ice cubes in your favorite smoothie to add a little boost of energy to your day.  Making coconut ice cubes is an easy as making regular ice cubes.  You can use coconut water directly from the source, or use pre-packaged coconut water, pour the water into an ice tray and freeze.  This simple treat is a good way to add a little flavor to your water as well.