Food: Use It All!

Jul 13, 2017

Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow. My pressure cooker is one of my favorite tools. When we de-bone chicken, the carcass goes in the pot along with the leftover pieces of vegetables that have been hiding out in the back of the refrigerator bins. Presto, no pun intended, we have chicken broth. Many small items we would throw away, the leaves and outer stalks of celery, trimmings from mushroom bottoms, the stalks of parsley and cilantro after I cut off the tender leaves all go in a freezer bag until I am ready to make broth for soup and after straining, what’s left goes to the compost pile.  Thirty to forty percent of all food produced in America is thrown away, but one in six Americans does not have enough to eat. Search Clemson HGIC Food Waste for more information on this topic.