"H" is for Halsey, William Melton [1915-1999]

Feb 20, 2017

"H" is for Halsey, William Melton [1915-1999]. Artist. In 1928 Halsey became a youthful protégé of Charleston Renaissance artist Elizabeth O'Neill Verner. He received his artistic training at the University of South Carolina and the Boston Museum School. After further study in Mexico, he returned to his native Charleston in 1945. Halsey supported himself by teaching art classes and later as artist-in-residence at the College of Charleston where the William Halsey Gallery at the Simons Art Center is named for him.

Unlike other local artists who emphasized the sunny quaintness and picturesque charm of Charleston, Halsey reveled in the decay, colors, and textures offered by the old city. It was precisely these qualities that inspired the nonrepresentational work that dominated his mature output. William Halsey's works are held by major museums across the state.