"H" is for Honey Hill, Battle of [November 30, 1864]

Apr 6, 2017

"H" is for Honey Hill, Battle of [November 30, 1864]. The Battle of Honey Hill was the first in a series of engagements fought along the Charleston and Savannah Railroad in November and December 1864. Federal forces at Port Royal initiated the campaign to support the movement of General Sherman’s army against Savannah. On November 29th a six-thousand man division was transported up the Broad River to Boyd’s Landing.

Bad weather, faulty maps, and poor guides delayed the Federals a day. The delay allowed the Confederates to mass some 1,400 Georgia and South Carolina state troops. On the 30th , the Federals attacked repeatedly but were repulsed. With the arrival of Confederate reinforcements, the Federals withdrew. The Battle of Honey Hill resulted in 746 Union casualties—and, though unreported, the Confederates suffered at least one hundred casualties.