Hidden Sugar

Jan 4, 2017

If you’re trying to lose weight, then you know that sugar is the enemy!  Generally, if it’s packaged at your grocery store, then it’s probably packed with sugar, but don’t let hidden sugar derail your healthy plans.

Remember that condiments are not calorie free, and some sauces like ketchup and Barbeque sauce are packed full of sugar.  Be careful of that morning yogurt, too, which can have more sugar than you may think.  Look for yogurt brands with lower amounts of sugar.  Dried fruit seems like a healthy choice, but in some cases, dried fruit may as well be candy.  Most brands list added sugar as the second ingredient.  And granola bars may seem like a good afternoon snack, but some brands can have as much as twelve grams of sugar, so check the labels.  You know you should stay away from sugary sodas, but be careful of those energy drinks, which can contain as much as eighty three grams of sugar!