"I" is for Inman Mills

Oct 16, 2017

Credit SC Public Radio

"I" is for Inman Mills. Inman Mills began in 1902 when James A. Chapman opened a four-hundred-loom and 15,000-spindle plant in the Spartanburg County town on Inman. The mill made high quality greige—cloth that comes straight from the loom and is gray, rough, and full of blemishes. By 1909 the plant had doubled its capacity. The company's success prompted further expansion—including the acquisition of other mills and replacing the 19th century mill with three modern plants—one in Inman and two in Enoree. Inman Mills uses the latest technology to produce a variety of high quality cloths including oxford, pique, poplin, dobby, and sateen. The fabrics are used in draperies, upholstery, home furnishings, pocketing, and apparel. In 2004, Inman Mills operated three plants—one at Inman and two at Enoree.