"I" is for Isle of Palms

Oct 10, 2017

Credit SC Public Radio

"I" is for Isle of Palms [Charleston County; population 4,583]. For all but the last one hundred years, the Isle of Palms was uninhabited. Its palmetto jungles abounded in game and its first name was "Hunting Island" because coastal Indians hunted there. In the early 18th century, pirates called it "Long Island." In 1898, the island began its modern transformation when a local company constructed a beachside resort with a boardwalk, amusement park, bathhouse, and dance pavilion. Renamed the Isle of Palms, the resort was connected to Charleston by ferry and an interurban railway. The resort was an immediate success and a succession of owners expanded development with roadways and residential subdivisions. As its developers had anticipated, the Isle of Palms became not just a summer resort, but also a bedroom community for Charleston.