"L" is for Lynch, Patrick Nelson (1817-1882)

Mar 28, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

“L” is for Lynch, Patrick Nelson (1817-1882). Clergyman, diplomat. Lynch was born in Ireland. His family immigrated to South Carolina in 1819 and settled in Cheraw. Bishop John England educated Lynch in his boys’ academy in Charleston and then sent him to Rome to complete his studies for the priesthood. Returning home, he was rector of St. Mary’s, Charleston and editor of The United States Catholic Miscellany. In 1858, he was consecrated the third bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston. In 1864, Lynch travelled to Rome as a Confederate commissioner, seeking papal recognition of the Confederacy. Despite his efforts, the Vatican never recognized the Confederacy. While is Europe he published a pamphlet defending slavery as a workable, benign institution. In 1865, Patrick Nelson Lynch received a presidential pardon and returned to South Carolina.