Mullins Residents Face Flooding Two Years in a Row

Mar 1, 2017

About a year ago, I met Barbara Sellers, a resident of the Genesis II apartment complex in Mullins, SC. Genesis II is a community for low-income seniors, subsidized the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In November of 2015, while the area was still saturated from October’s floods, a severe storm inundated Barbara’s home. Barbara and her neighbors were evacuated by boat, and their apartments had to be completely renovated. The Palmetto Project Community Flood Hub helped residents replace furniture they lost, and last March, Barbara was getting ready to move back home.  

Then in October 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit, devastating areas across the state, including Marion County. This time, the residents qualify for FEMA aid to help recover from the hurricane. However, Suzanne Dennis (the Community Manager for Genesis II) says resources for her residents are slim compared with last year. South Carolina Public Radio's Laura Hunsberger has the story.

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