Orchid How-To

Jan 3, 2017

Orchids have a reputation for being very difficult to keep alive, but you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful plant if you abide by a few simple tips.  First, don’t water your orchid with ice cubes.

These plants are used to a warm, humid climate, so that ice cube trick may actually kill your plant!  And actually, don’t water the plant every day either.  You’ll want to check the soil every day to see if it’s dry and let it dry out a little between watering.  Orchids love sunlight so and east facing windowsill is good- and an east facing window in a humid bathroom is even better.  You’ll also want to transplant your orchid into a pot with drainage holes using a coarse textured potting mix that promotes air circulation like a bark/charcoal/perlite combination.  Last, orchids are light feeders, so don’t overdo it with the fertilizer.