"P" is for Pinckney, Thomas

Sep 12, 2014

"P" is for Pinckney, Thomas [1750-1828]. Governor, diplomat, congressman, soldier. Pinckney was educated in England at Christ College, Oxford and at the Inns of Court, and in France at the Royal Military Academy. He returned to South Carolina in 1774 and in 1775, he joined the First South Carolina Continental Regiment. He saw active service until 1780 when was wounded and captured at the Battle of Camden. Pinckney was elected governor in 1787 and served two terms. He was the American Minister Plenipotentiary to Great Britain and later to Spain. In 1795 he negotiated the Treaty of San Lorenzo with Spain that granted Americans access to the port of New Orleans. Thomas Pinckney’s mission to Spain paved the way for American settlement of the southwest and for future territorial acquisitions from France and Spain.