"P" is for Port Royal Island, Battle of (February 3, 1779)

Apr 19, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

"P" is for Port Royal Island, Battle of (February 3, 1779). The Battle of Port Royal Island was part of a larger campaign designed by the British to cover their operations against Augusta, Georgia. On February 2, 1779—while British units were marching toward Augusta, a small British fleet approached Port Royal. The approach of the warships led the Americans to destroy Fort Lyttleton at Beaufort. The enemy marched through the town and up the Broad River. They found Port Royal Ferry well defended and decided to return to their ships. En route they encountered a large American force, commanded by Generals Stephen Bull and William Moultrie. In sharp fighting that lasted forty-five minutes, the British suffered seventy-five casualties and the Americans thirty. The Battle at Port Royal Island strengthened the resolve of South Carolina Loyalists.