"R" is for Rea, Paul Marshall [1878-1948]

Dec 18, 2017

Credit SC Public Radio

"R" is for Rea, Paul Marshall [1878-1948]. Biologist. Educator. Museologist. Rea moved to Charleston in 1903 as professor of biology and geology and as curator of the museum at the College of Charleston. Through public lectures and publications he made the museum more visible. He also founded the Charleston Natural History Society. In 1906, he negotiated a change in the name from the College of Charleston Museum to the Charleston Museum and he assumed the title of director. Rea remained on the college staff until 1914 when he became full-time director of the museum. In 1911, the museum moved from the College into what was originally the Thomas Auditorium. In 1915, the Charleston Museum was chartered as an independent organization with its own board of trustees with Paul Rea serving as its director until 1920.