Recovery for Some South Carolina Farmers from 2015 Flood Is On-Going

Jan 24, 2017

Some farmers are just beginning to shake off the effects of the historic flood of October 2015, though others will take longer to come back.  One of those recovering is Eric McClam of City Roots, an urban farm in Columbia.  Because the farm is divided into two locations, one plot  was able to escape heavy damages and continue operating to help lift up the damaged second property. 

Plus, diverse activities such as farm tours for groups helped keep the operation going while the lower acreage dried out and was replanted.  Out in Richland County, meanwhile, Joe Jones, who divides his time between teaching at USC and farming, has managed to raise new sheep to replace those lost to pneumonia and worms that cost him about half his flock when the heavy rains saturated the ground.  Both men look forward to a better 2017.