Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Apr 17, 2017

Reducing your Carbon Footprint has been a popular topic for a long while now, but what exactly is a Carbon Footprint, and what contributes to the size of your footprint?  Basically, the Carbon Footprint is a measure of how the products and services we use affect the environment.  This is often expressed as the amount of Carbon Dioxide emitted as a result of making consumer goods or using various forms of energy. 

The things you purchase, such as food and clothing, the services you use such as public transportation, your car, or even your home electricity and natural gas consumption have an effect on our environment.  When you reduce the amount of products and services you use, reuse items you already have, or recycle items, you reduce the size of your Carbon Footprint.  There are many online resources that can help you reduce your Carbon Footprint or even try to go Carbon Neutral!