Street Sale or Neighborhood Yard Sale

May 19, 2017

There’s a lot of spring cleaning going on at this time of year and more than likely, you and your neighbors have a lot of stuff you may be thinking about getting rid of.  Instead of having a slew of single yard sales, why not have a street sale?  You’ll garner more interest from buyers because they’ll want to stop in one neighborhood rather than driving all over town to multiple locations.  

Simply start talking to your neighbors about the idea.  Even if only a few people are interested, pick a date and start spreading the word down your street.  One person should be in charge of placing an ad in your local newspaper and let someone else make the signs.  Then, start collecting and pricing items a week in advance.  Coordinate with a local charity to pick up the left-over’s after the sale.  And remember, haggling is half the fun!