"T" is for Tega Cay

Dec 1, 2017

Credit SC Public Radio

"T" is for Tega Cay, in York County; population 4044. Tega Cay is a recreational oriented community on Lake Wiley, with stronger ties to North Carolina than South Carolina. Tega Cay came into being in 1970 when Duke Power sold 1600 acres in northwestern Fort Mill township to a Charlotte developer. The name allegedly comes from an obscure Polynesian dialect and means "lovely peninsula." Historically, the site was identified as India Hook H ills which aptly described the red clay spur of land that jutted like a fish hook into the Catawba River. The unique landscape lends a mountain-like atmosphere, with a man-made lake created in 1904 when Duke Power dammed the Catawba River at India Hook Shoals. In 1982, the area’s residents opted to incorporate; and, on July 4th of that year, Tega Cay became a municipality.