"T" is for Television

Mar 14, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

"T" is for Television. The first snowy black and white images on South Carolina television screens were broadcast by a Charlotte, North Carolina station. It was not until 1952 that six South Carolina stations received their FCC television broadcast licenses. WIS, Columbia went on the air in April 1953 and WCSC, Charleston, followed a month later. WNOK-TV, one of the oldest UHF channels in the country, is now WLTX, Columbia. Many early stations bought their television cameras developed by Columbia native Thomas T. Goldsmith. WSPA, Spartanburg began broadcasting in 1956 and, became the first station in the state to broadcast live programs in color from its studios. SCETV began broadcasting in 1958 from studios in Columbia. Today there are eleven non-commercial and more than twenty commercial television stations licensed to broadcast in South Carolina.