"T" is for Trescott, William Henry [1822-1898]

Aug 10, 2017

"T" is for Trescott, William Henry [1822-1898]. Writer. Diplomat. Historian. After graduating from the College of Charleston, Trescott studied law. A prolific writer, he produced a series of essays and pamphlets that essentially made the conservative case for southern nationalism. His writings on American diplomatic history resulted in his posting to the American embassy in London and as assistant secretary of state under President Buchanan. He remained in Washington in 1860 and kept his friends in South Carolina appraised of the secret military plans or inactivity of the federal government. After the war he returned to Washington to lobby for South Carolina landholders. The remainder of his careers was devoted to a series of diplomatic missions to China, Mexico, and Chile. In 1889 William Henry Trescott was instrumental in the formation of the Pan-American Union.