"W" is for the White-tailed deer

Feb 9, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

"W" is for the White-tailed deer. State Animal. Found throughout North America, the white-tailed deer was adopted as South Carolina’s State Animal in 1972. The trade and exportation of deerskins was vital to the economy of colonial South Carolina, and the species remains one of the state’s most popular game animals.  The underside of the deer’s body and tail are completely white, a color particularly noticeable as the animal “flags” its tail when alarmed. Since natural predators no longer present a threat, recreational hunting provides a check for overpopulation and disease. By the 21st century overpopulation had become a growing concern, however, with crop damage and deer vehicle accidents showing significant increases. The elusive white-tailed deer, which may run as fast as thirty miles per hour, inhabit every county in the state of South Carolina.