"W" is for Wright, Alice Buck Norwood Spearman (1902-1989)

Apr 25, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

"W" is for Wright, Alice Buck Norwood Spearman (1902-1989). Human relations activist. A graduate of Converse College, Wright taught school in South Carolina before moving to New York City. She earned a master’s degree in religious education from Columbia Teacher’s College. In 1930 she began a three-year journey around the world, attending conferences, teaching, and studying Asian culture Returning home, Wright became the first woman appointed to administer a county relief program. Drawn to civil rights, in 1943 she helped organize the South Carolina Division of the Southern Regional Council (SRC). In 1954 she was chosen executive director of the South Carolina Council on Human Relations, the new name of this SRC affiliate. Holding this position until 1967, Alice Buck Norwood Spearman Wright worked to build a biracial community committed to social justice.