WhatWorksSC - A Conversation and a Salute to the Winner

Oct 24, 2016

At a luncheon in Columbia on October 14th, Healing Species, a program using rescue dogs to teach compassion to students in high risk, high poverty schools in SC, was named as the 2016 Dick and Tunky Riley WhatWorksSC Award for Excellence. Former U.S. Secretary of Education and South Carolina Governor Dick Riley presented the award, which highlights innovative educational initiatives throughout the state.

This week's podcast will feature a description of the work done by Healing Species, and will include another highlight of the luncheon, a conversation with Linda O'Bryon, President and CEO of SCETV and Charleston County School Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait. The Superintendent of Spartanburg School District # 7, Russell Booker also took part in the conversation and the two Superintendents addressed their District's efforts to close the achievement gap among different racial and socioeconomic groups.