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  Earth Sense is a one minute program that offers tips on how listeners can go green and save money. From ways to boost fuel economy while driving, to improving the efficiency of an HVAC system, to where and how to recycle many items in the home.

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LED Light Bulbs

22 hours ago

If you’re missing the bright light your old incandescent bulbs provided, you’re not alone.  Those compact fluorescent bulbs, or CFLs, are much better for the environment, but they just don’t seem to emit that bright light we’re used to!  Fear not, there is an energy efficient option that is also bright: LED bulbs.

As you know, making small changes, like adjusting your thermostat just a couple of degrees, can add up over time.  Simple things like closing your curtains at night to stop drafts and replacing old light bulbs with newer energy efficient ones can make a difference on your power bill.

It’s Martin Luther King Day.   While many state and federal workers have the day off, I hope you’ll take the time today to celebrate the life and ideals of the influential civil rights leader.  Today is a great time to start donating your time and working with a volunteer or community action group in your area.

Juicer Pulp

Jan 6, 2017

Many people have discovered the joy of juicing.  It tastes great and does wonders for your health.  But what do you do with all that left-over pulp?  You could bake it into a batch of bran muffins for a little extra fiber, or sneak vegetable pulp into your macaroni and cheese recipe for an extra serving of vegetables.  Here’s a great way to flavor your morning bagel with that left-over pulp.

Candlelight is a great way to warm up a room and add a bit of mood lighting, but rather than purchase a candle holder, make your own from items you can find in your backyard.  Create a rustic tea light holder from a dried out branch with a few simple tools.

Hidden Sugar

Jan 4, 2017

If you’re trying to lose weight, then you know that sugar is the enemy!  Generally, if it’s packaged at your grocery store, then it’s probably packed with sugar, but don’t let hidden sugar derail your healthy plans.

Orchid How-To

Jan 3, 2017

Orchids have a reputation for being very difficult to keep alive, but you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful plant if you abide by a few simple tips.  First, don’t water your orchid with ice cubes.

January is Financial Literacy month, and this is a good time to familiarize yourself with successful money management.  Are you a natural saver?  Or do you tend to live month to month?

Many South Carolina residents use natural gas to heat their homes.  While this energy source is warm, it’s also a good idea to keep safety in mind to protect your property.  Here are the major signs of a gas leak indoors: an odor that smells like rotten eggs or an unusual noise coming from your gas equipment are very serious dangers.

The best way to stay healthy during cold and flu season is to let your immune system do the work.  In order to do that, you have to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to keep you well.  Fruit and vegetable smoothies are a great way to get a large number of vitamins and minerals in your diet quickly.

Winter Composting

Dec 28, 2016

Generally, we compost during the warmer months of the year, but maybe you started composting last summer and you’re wondering how to care for your compost material through the cold months.

Winter Mulch

Dec 27, 2016

As the weather turns colder, it may be a good time to plan winter mulching for your garden.  The point of mulching in the fall and winter time is to prevent the ground around your plants from alternately freezing and thawing, which can injure plant roots.

You’ve been enjoying that Christmas tree all month long, and while it’s sad to think about taking it down and packing away your decorations, start planning for how you’ll reuse that live Christmas tree.

This time of year is magical- unless you’re allergic to the holidays!  No, I’m not talking about Scrooge, but think about all the allergy irritants this time of year.  First, those decorations have been sitting in the attic for a year collecting dust, and anyone with indoor allergies knows that dust can be a real headache.

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you have family coming to visit, it’s a good time to think about some quick home improvements before the crowd arrives.

Cold Weather Safety

Dec 21, 2016

Winter weather can turn hazardous quickly, but if you’re prepared, you can handle anything Mother Nature throws at you!  If you don’t already have an emergency kit, think about pulling together a few emergency items like batteries, candles, a first aid kit, et cetera.

We’ve talked about common cold weather myths, and one of the most common misconceptions about this time of year is that you don’t need sunscreen.  In fact, snow and ice can reflect up to eighty percent of harmful UV rays, so lather up with sunscreen even in the winter.

Winter is here and with it comes some outdated information about the cold temperatures, but don’t let winter health myths get the best of you!  For starters, cold air does not make you sick.

Unwrapping gifts this season is so much fun, but that gift wrap accounts for much of the twenty five per cent spike in waste during the holiday season.  So reuse paper you already have to avoid extra waste.

Olive Oil is a staple in many kitchens, but did you know that there are a slew of uses for olive oil that don’t involve the stove?  For instance, olive oil can be used as a natural eye make-up remover and a moisturizing shave cream.

Our schedules tend to be jam packed with work, school, and everything in between, but if you can carve out ten to thirty minutes for a nap, you may feel a boost in your mental and physical well-being.  There are many benefits to taking a nap including improved cardiovascular health and healthy weight management.

Pizza Box Recycling

Dec 13, 2016

You’re doing your part to recycle, but it can be confusing to navigate the waters of recyclable food containers.  Plastic jugs and milk containers are pretty easy; you can rinse those and send them out with the newspaper and other recyclables, but what about pizza boxes?

If you haven’t begun your holiday shopping yet, it’s time to start thinking about your gift list.  Save yourself the stress of long lines and crazy holiday traffic by staying home and making gifts.

LED Holiday Lights

Dec 9, 2016

Holiday decorating is a fun part of the season, but all those extra lights can really pack a punch on your power bill!  What’s a decorator to do?  Opt for LED holiday lights.  LED's consume seventy five per cent less energy than traditional bulbs and because they emit less heat than traditional bulbs, using LED's reduces the risk of a home fire.  LED's aren’t made of glass, so they’re less likely to break, and they last twenty five times longer than traditional bulbs. 

Dry Skin Remedies

Dec 8, 2016

Winter is here and along with it comes dry, flaky skin.  If you’re worried about some of the chemicals or compounds in common lotions, here are some natural alternatives to help relieve dry skin.  Although it may feel relaxing, avoid using very hot water in the shower or to wash your face as the heat can zap the natural moisture in your skin.

Emergency preparedness is a good idea any time of year, and your car is one place where you should definitely have a few emergency items on hand all the time.  Consider keeping things like jumper cables, a flashlight, a small first aid kit, water, and flares or reflective triangles.

Winter Heating

Dec 6, 2016

As the weather gets colder, you can really start to feel the pinch of heating your home when you receive that monthly power bill!  But your heating system, and the way you use it account for a lot of that bill.  Before you upgrade your system, improve the efficiency of your house- this will allow you to purchase a smaller unit and save you money on the upgrades.

Wood Pellet Stove

Dec 5, 2016

Heating your home in the winter accounts for a large portion of your power bill; that’s why many people are looking for thriftier ways to stay warm.  Freestanding wood pellet stoves, or models that fir into an existing fire place, are becoming more popular.

You’ve heard the term “living off the grid,” and maybe you’ve wondered how difficult it would be to wean yourself off the high energy costs of our modern times.  Luckily, alternative sources of energy are becoming more readily available.  Things like solar panels and wind mills can help lower your monthly power bill, but before you pull the plug, plan an experiment to see how well you can live for a full weekend by simply using less energy.  

So, you’re thinking about updating that bathroom.  You’ve learned about dual flush toilets, low flow faucets and shower heads, and maybe you’re thinking about hitting the flea markets this weekend in search of reclaimed items that you can use in your fresh bathroom.  Have you considered going a step further by installing more green elements like motion sensors for light sources so that the lights will automatically turn off when no one is in the room?