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On the Keys is about the most versatile of instruments, the piano. But it also features the organ, the harpsichord and most anything that has a keyboard or manual. All genres are fair game, including song cycles, concertos, sonatas, amplified piano, even the piano in the symphony orchestra.

How the show works: 

Most weeks the program is divided into movements or sections. At the top of the hour a segment of musical storytelling is called Around the Piano. Somewhere in the middle  you’ll hear the newest pieces for the piano. We are calling this movement Your Compositions. If you have written for the piano and want your work to be considered for broadcast, send David Kiser an email at keys@scpublicradio.org. Near the end David Kiser features old recordings in the Great Pianists of History movement.  Make sure to "Have a Musical Week" and listen to the program.


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  Thursday night at 8:00 on ETV Radio's Classical Stations, On the Keys​ features the 15-year-old pianist Elisabeth Tsai. Last year Elisabeth won first place at the Music Teachers National Association Competition (MTNA). More telling of her artistic ability, at the same competition, she won the Chopin Prize, which is given to the best performance of a work by Chopin. You will hear her play the Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise by Chopin that was recorded during the winner’s concert in Chicago.

 On the Nov 8th  edition of On The Keys piano students from the upstate got a chance to perform on historical pianos from the Carolina Clavier Collection curated by Thomas Strange. Yu Jung Jeon a high school junior and Melvina Kuoshu play music by Haydn on a type of piano he would have used in London in the 1790s. Annabelle Yang performs Chopin on a piano that Frederick Chopin actually played during his visit to England in 1848.

Vadym Kholodenko
Gina Bachauer

Vadym Kholodenko won the Gold Medal at the 13th International Van Cliburn Piano Competition. On this week’s On the Keys, host David Kiser interviews Vadym. He then plays Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto with the Greenville Symphony Orchestra led by Edvard Tchivzhel. In between, he plays a Polka by Rachmaninoff that enamored audiences last year in Greenville, in an impromptu performance at an after-party.  Though he has won one of the most well-known piano competitions, Vadym shares his distaste for competitions in the interview. 

On the Keys

Sep 10, 2014

Classical Stations: Thu, 8 - 9 pm

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