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Naturalist Rudy Mancke, host of ETV's NatureScene, shares his knowledge of plants and wildlife each weekday on NatureNotes. These 1-minute snippets offer you a chance to find out about diverse topics having to do with the natural world. From the inner workings of our world's ecosystems, to plants & animals unique to South Carolina, to tips on beautiful sites to visit, you'll learn more about the world around you on NatureNotes.

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A Buck Moth is caught in the act of first spreading its wings.

Jelly Fungi - "Black Jellyroll"

Saying goodbye to the old Columbia Science Museum.

Bald Eagle Nest Cam

Jan 14, 2015 and offer a birds-eye view of a Bald Eagle nest.

"Sea" Gulls?

Jan 13, 2015

Gulls that you'll find over-wintering on local lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Three naturalized plants that are flowering now.

Bur Marigold

Jan 9, 2015

Bur Marigolds are common in South Carolina, but, you have look for them in wetlands.

Shrews feed on Voles and other mammals.

The Bald Cypress Tree has male and female cones.

The Great Leopard Moth Caterpillar is a bristly creature.

Box Elder "Snow"

Jan 5, 2015

Shake a small Box Elder tree this time of year and you are likely to experience a "snowstorm" of floating seed, 'coptering to the ground.

Firefly Larvae

Jan 2, 2015

Firefly Larvae can glow just like adults.

Words for the New Year

Jan 1, 2015

Some words for the new year from the journal of Henri Frédéric Amiel.

Flicker on the Ground

Dec 31, 2014

Northern Flickers are a type of woodpecker you might spot on the ground as often as in a tree.

A bobcat sighting in Fairfield County.

Nodding Lady's Tresses Orchids are flowering in South Carolina, near ditches and ponds.

Leaffooted Bugs and other animals may be hibernating in the shed leaves on your lawn.

If you cut your own Christmas tree, be careful--there may be "packages" in the tree!

Indian Pipes

Dec 24, 2014

Indian Pipes flowers, common in South Carolina, are so named because then they are removed from the plant and held upside down they resemble long-stemmed tobacco pipes.

Wood Cockroaches are ghostly white after molting, until their exoskeletons harden.

Dune Evening Primrose

Dec 22, 2014

The Dune Evening Primrose grows in the dunes on the South Carolina coast.

The shortest period of daylight in a given year happens on the Winter Solstice.

Bursting Seed Pods

Dec 18, 2014

On a quiet day you can actually hear Wisteria seed pods bursting, scattering seeds.

This time of year, flocks of Common Grackles may visit an Oak tree near you.

Wheel Bug Eggs

Dec 16, 2014

We've talked about Wheel Bugs--unusual looking critters. Turns out, so are their eggs.

Copperheads are the most common venomous snake in South Carolina.

Readings for Autumn

Dec 12, 2014

Readings for Autumn by James Russell Lowell and Thomas Bailey Aldrich.

A Luna Moth sighted in Mid-November??

The egg case of the Black and Yellow Orb Weaver spider is a curious sight.

The Hawk in the back yard.