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The South Carolina Business Review, with host Mike Switzer, focuses on news from South Carolina's business community with interviews of many small business owners and business leaders from around the state. South Carolina's nonprofits, including its colleges and universities are also regularly featured on the program, as well as many of the state's small business support organizations. 

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It's that time of year again, when makers from around the south are being asked to compete for recognition and big prize money during the eighth annual Made in the South Awards.

Mike Switzer interviews Phillip Rhodes, executive managing editor for Garden and Gun magazine, the host for this annual awards program.

You might have heard our recent discussions with local experts about the economy.  They feel pretty good about continued growth even though we are now in the third longest recovery in our history.  Does this mean that investors should feel good, too?

Mike Switzer interviews Wes Johnson, a certified financial planner with ACT Advisors in Charleston, SC.

John Warner

A weekly update of the entrepreneurial activity in South Carolina.

Mike Switzer interviews John Warner is co-founder of Concepts to Companies and founder of the Swampfox Facebook page, based in Greenville, S.C.

So much of our business communications these days occurs online.  Rarely do we send them out anymore via paper and ink.  Our next guest says this can cause new challenges.

Mike Switzer interviews Peter Ingle, founder of Strategic Business Writers in Charleston, SC.​

Cindi Boiter
Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio

In its 7th year of publication, our next guest's magazine has been providing coverage of the greater Columbia, SC arts community, collaborating with both the business and artistic communities to encourage and foster growth for both.

Mike Switzer interviews Cindy Boiter, publisher of Jasper Magazine in Columbia, SC.