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A Minute with Miles
Illuminating 60-second flights through the world of classical music with host and longtime NPR commentator Miles Hoffman. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.
Earth Sense
Earth Sense is a one minute program that offers tips on how listeners can go green and save money. From ways to boost fuel economy while driving, to improving the efficiency of an HVAC system, to where and how to recycle many items in the home. Earth Sense Archive (January 2011
Health Focus
MUSC doctors, medical professionals and researchers will be featured weekly in a series of radio interviews on South Carolina ETV Radio called Health Focus. Award winning public broadcaster Bobbi Conner will host this series of health and medical features, covering a wide array of topics.
Making It Grow
One minute home and gardening tips from Amanda McNulty, the host of ETV's Making It Grow! and Clemson University Extension Agent. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.
My Telehealth
Through the human stories of patients, families, clinicians and others, South Carolina Public Radio will carefully dissect the complexities of Telehealth. The goal of each story is to elevate public understanding and knowledge of Telehealth and its diverse services in South Carolina.
Narrative captures stories of South Carolina through interviews and personal conversations. Begun as an initiative to document the accounts of people recovering from the historic floods that hit the state in October 2015, Narrative explores various themes—from ongoing disaster recovery to the state’s military history, to the journeys of individuals and communities working to better understand issues of race, ethnicity and identity, to the personal struggles and triumphs of those who call South Carolina home.
Nature Notes
Each weekday naturalist Rudy Mancke, host of ETV's NatureScene, shares his knowledge of plants and wildlife. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.
Piano Jazz Shorts
Jazz legend Marian McPartland, the host of ETV's Piano Jazz for over 30 years, continues to showcase the world's top musicians of all time through these podcasts taken from archived broadcast. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.
The South Carolina Business Review
Each weekday host Mike Switzer and guest provide listeners with business, economic, and community news that is important to South Carolina. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.
South Carolina Focus
South Carolina Focus is a regular feature of South Carolina Public Radio. As its name suggests, the segment focuses on the Palmetto State and its people. It covers a wide variety of subjects, from South Carolina's war veterans to scientists, musicians and other topics, both serious and whimsical. South Carolina Focus is produced and reported by Tut Underwood, and can be heard at various times throughout the week on all SC Public Radio stations.
South Carolina from A to Z
Historian and author Walter Edgar mines the riches of the South Carolina Encyclopedia to bring you South Carolina from A to Z. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.
South Carolina Lede
South Carolina Lede ("lede" is the old school term for the introductory section of a news story) is a podcast about the people and issues shaping South Carolina state politics. Join host Gavin Jackson each week as we break down state political news and go inside the legislative happenings that could affect you, your family, and your pocketbook. We'll also examine the biggest stories out of the statehouse with reporters from across the Palmetto State.
State House Week
State House Week, with host Russ McKinney, focuses on the House of Representatives and Senate sessions, House and Senate committee meetings, public hearings and other South Carolina Government events.
Walter Edgar's Journal
From books to barbecue, and current events to Colonial history, historian and author Walter Edgar delves into the arts, culture, and history of South Carolina and the American South. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.