Transmission Outages

Apr 17, 2017

Tower Painting started on our tower at the Barnwell transmitter site April 19, and power may be lowered or interrupted at times for the safety of the crew. This will affect WLJK-FM, Aiken, 89.9, periodically over the next through April 29. 

  Please be advised that the 2017 spring solar outage season will affect South Carolina Public Radio March  4 – 9 at approximately 1:57 p.m. each day.  This will result in a temporary loss of our program signal from satellite sources such as NPR. During this period some programming has been adjusted to prevent any audio interruptions. A solar or sun transit outage is an electromagnetic phenomenon wherein a station down link is temporarily unable to receive a satellite signal due to interference from the sun as it passes behind the satellite.

Tom Hanks
Craig Kief

When Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! host Peter Sagal goes on vacation, there's only one person who can replace him: Tom Hanks.

"Of course, I was excited to find out that in my absence, one of the stars of the classic sitcom "Bosom Buddies" would be hosting the show," says Peter Sagal. "I was disappointed to find out that it wasn't going to be Peter Scolari, but I'm sure this Hanks fellow will do fine. I hope he's been doing some useful preparation since "Bosom Buddies" went off the air in 1982, because this is a pretty high profile gig."

The Tiny Desk Contest is Back!

Jan 13, 2017
Tiny Desk Contest logo
NPR Music

South Carolina musicians – here’s your chance to play a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR in Washington, D.C., appear at a taping of NPR’s Ask Me Another, and tour the United States with NPR and Lagunitas!

The Tiny Desk Contest winner will perform with local Contest entrants at Lagunitas Taprooms across the country, including Charleston, South Carolina.


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World of Opera to End Production

Dec 15, 2016

With regret, we announce that World of Opera, produced and distributed by WDAV Classical Public Radio and South Carolina Public Radio, has ended production; the final episode of the series was broadcast on December 10. The provider of the recorded live operatic performances that are the mainstay of the series, the European Broadcasting Union, was no longer able to continue to deliver these performances.

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A solar flare.

Please be advised that the 2016 fall solar outage season will affect South Carolina Public Radio October 3 - 7 at approximately 2:37 p.m. each day.  This will result in a temporary loss of our program signal.  During this period normal programming has been adjusted allowing for no broadcast interruptions. The Takeaway will air on all stations at 2 p.m. during this week (except Friday when Science Friday airs at its usual time.).

WSCI-FM Charleston 89.3 Off the Air Temporarily

Sep 15, 2016

Our Charleston stations will be off air temporarily for antenna replacements. WSCI-FM should be off-air Friday-Thursday, and WITV will go off-air after that. Weather may cause these days to shift, we'll post updates to this page as the work progresses.

As coastal residents are well aware, salt takes its toll on metal fixtures, making this work necessary.  While this work will take a few days, we hope the broadcast services will ultimately show improved stability for our audience.  

Thank you for your patience.

Our radio service WSCI-FM 89.3 is available anytime on or by using our app available via Google or iTunes. (Just search for “SCETV.”)