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So, you know that the electric coffee grinder, can opener, electric knife, juicer, and stand mixer can all be donated out of your kitchen to save energy and money, but which kitchen gadgets should you hang on to according to Consumer Reports?  Keep your rice cooker for sure.  Although this electric gadget does use energy, it’s preferable to turning on the stove to cook rice. 

We’re all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, but what about your kitchen cookprint?  Consumer Reports coined that term to describe the energy needed to cook the food we eat.  As a result, they listed five small kitchen gadgets to ditch and five to keep.  First up, donate these items out of your kitchen as they use a lot of energy but have better, eco friendly cousins. 

Safe Food Handling

Jun 23, 2017

You know that keeping a clean kitchen is the first step in deterring unwanted pests, but safe and proper food handling is the key to keeping your family healthy.  Follow these simple rules in the kitchen to ensure your family is protected from bacteria.  First make sure you wash your hands and kitchen surfaces often.  Rinse all fruits and vegetables and clean cutting boards between food items. 

We live in a disposable society and all too often, we throw away food items that have simply gone bad while sitting in the refrigerator.  But an organized food storage scheme can help save money and time.  Keep a permanent marker nearby so that you can date items as they go into the refrigerator.  This works well for take-out boxes and left-over’s. 

Plastic sandwich bags are a handy way to send lunch to school with the kids, or bring lunch items to work with you. But have you ever considered re-usable alternatives to those baggies?  Using a lunch box instead of a disposable brown bag is great, but the items inside your lunch box can be re-usable too!