The Ichneumon Wasp

Jul 9, 2018
An Ichneumon wasp laying its eggs. Inside the wood is the larva of another insect, possibly a Horntail wasp.
Igfugl [CC BY-NC-SA 2.0] via Flickr

The Ichneumon Wasp lays its eggs in the larvae of other insects.

Making It Grow Minute
SC Public Radio

Hello Gardeners, I'm Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow. We spent a few days near the coast recently and visited Brookgreen Gardens, where the plants are as interesting as the sculptures. You can use your pass for several days which was perfect - w e got there relatively early one morning and spent a few hours looking at sculpture leaving when the temperature got too high. The next day, we returned to see the native animals housed in the zoo. As most of those exhibits are in a wooded understory situation, we were spared the blazing rays of the sun.

Cover photo of a bird-filled sky above a line of trees at sunset.
Kathleen Robbins

(Originally broacast 01/12/17) - Ed Madden, Columbia's Poet Laureate, writes that poet Tim Conroy “is a theologian of the best kind, a theologian of the ordinary.”

South Carolina From A to Z
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"L" is for Lynches River. Originating at the confluence of two nameless streams in North Carolina, the Lynches River crosses the state line in the Piedmont and flows nearly its entire 175-mile length through South Carolina. From a relatively straight path in the pine forests it becomes a slower, braided waterway as it meanders through wetlands fed by a number of tributaries. At the end of its course it is joined by the waters of the Great Sparrow Swamp and then empties into the Pee Dee River.

A Minute with Miles
SC Public Radio/Mary Noble Ours

Sergey Prokofiev was a giant of 20th-century composition. He wrote great symphonies, operas, ballets, concertos, piano sonatas, and chamber music pieces, not to mention Peter and the Wolf.

Rita Patel and Marcus Munse
Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio

Boutique hotels continue to gain traction in the hospitality industry including in South Carolina.  For example, we recently discovered a new one has opened in our our capital city.

Mike Switzer interviews Rita Patel and Marcus Munse, owners of Hotel Trundle in Columbia, SC.

A Scarlet-Winged Lichen moth.
Seabrooke Leckie [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] via Flickr

The caterpillar of this moth feeds on lichen.

South Carolina From A to Z
SC Public Radio

"H" is for Huguenot Church (Charleston). Located at 140 Church Street, the French Protestant (Huguenot) Church was the first Gothic Revival ecclesiastical building erected in Charleston. Construction began in 1844. It was designed by Edward B. White and is built of brick finished in stucco. In color and scale it blends harmoniously with the city’s built environment. The church was damaged in 1864 during the siege of Charleston and nearly destroyed during the 1886 earthquake.

A Minute with Miles
SC Public Radio/Mary Noble Ours

This week we’ll focus on interesting facts and stories about important musicians. The first interesting item about the French composer Ernest Chausson is his name. The word chausson, in French, means “slipper” – as in the slippers you wear on your feet. But a chausson aux pommes is an apple turnover.

Christa Divis
Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio

Charitable giving continues to evolve as tax laws change and economies cycle up and down.  And our next guest says that new trends can also be a factor.  One that she is seeing now, not only locally but nationwide, is that donors want to see local impact results.

Mike Switzer interviews Christa Divis, chief financial officer for the Coastal Community Foundation in Charleston, SC.

Owl Pellets

Jul 5, 2018
An owl pellet.
gailhampshire [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr

Owl pellets, like the one a listener found, contain the remains of the animals the owl "recycles."

South Carolina From A to Z
SC Public Radio

"H" is for Huger, Isaac (1743-1797). Soldier. Huger began his military career as an officer in the South Carolina expedition against the Cherokees. With the onset of the Revolution he was appointed a lieutenant colonel in the South Carolina militia. Huger was promoted to colonel and later commanded the First and Fifth South Carolina Regiments. In 1779, he was promoted to brigadier general in the Continental army. He fought and was wounded at the Battle of Stono Ferry and commanded the South Carolina and Georgia militia at the siege of Savannah.

Progress in Music

Jul 4, 2018
A Minute with Miles
SC Public Radio/Mary Noble Ours

For musicians and music teachers, the concept of Progress can be misleading. We can strive in our own ways to emulate the masters who’ve preceded us, but it’s a mistake to think there’s such a thing as being better than those masters.

Portfolio management can take many forms these days, from value investing to growth investing to what our next guest calls “ethical investing”.

Mike Switzer interviews Mike Kuckel, a chartered financial analyst and CEO of the Sovereign Financial Group in Greenville, SC.

A Black Rat Snake.
Stephen Lody Photography [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

A listener finds a Black Rat snake making a meal of a squirrel. Rat Snakes are powerful constrictors and feed on small mammals.

South Carolina From A to Z
SC Public Radio

"C" is for Coker, Elizabeth Boatwright (1909-1993). Writer. At Converse College, Coker was editor of the school’s literary magazine. Between 1950 and 1991, she published nine novels in the genre of the historical romance, allowing her to exploit her deep interest in all periods of the southern and South Carolina experience. Her first novel, Daughter of Strangers (1950), was a dramatic treatment of racial identity set in antebellum New Orleans and the South Carolina lowcountry. It remained on the New York Times best-seller list for six months.

A Minute with Miles
SC Public Radio/Mary Noble Ours

In fields such as science and technology, or in medicine, we’re used to achievements that represent Progress, progress that is obvious and indisputable. We do things better than we did before. But in the field of music, Progress has at times been a misleading concept.

You may have noticed that so many people these days take a lot of prescription drugs for a lot of different reasons because, as time has gone by, pharmaceutical research results in products designed for these reasons.  But for those who are prescribed multiple drugs, and for those who are administering them, complications can arise resulting in missed doses and overdoses.  After watching nurses in health care facilities administer medications to numerous patients with complex conditions, our next guest experienced the proverbial light-bulb effect, and proceeded to launch a new business.

This week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Tracy Stecker about suicide prevention and related resources for veterans.  Dr. Stecker is a psychologist and Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing at MUSC.

Vase Vine

Jul 3, 2018
Clematis viorna
By peganum from Henfield, England (Clematis viorna) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A listener finds a beautiful, bell-shaped "flower" in Pickens County and wonders what they are.

South Carolina From A to Z
SC Public Radio

"C" is for Coker, David Robert (1870-1938). Businessman, plant breeder, philanthropist. Following his graduation from the University of South Carolina, Coker managed the J.L. Coker and Company. Illness led him to withdraw from the business and to focus on his first experiments with plant breeding. He saw a need not only for better seed to provide more productive crops but also for a change in the attitude from traditional to more modern methods of farming. This dual focus led to the subsequent development of the Coker’s Pedigreed Seed Company in 1913 with Coker as president.

Emergency Mental Health Care Benefits from Telepsychiatry

Jul 2, 2018
An EMS and DMH Mobile Crisis Telepsychiatry vehicle.
Julia Shillinglaw

Seconds count when it comes to a suicidal patient and getting them to the care they need. EMS personnel often find themselves dealing with mental health patients. Because they do not have psychiatry expertise, EMS often has to transport these patients to the ER where they will sit until they can get a correct diagnosis. However, this could take hours and leads to the emergency vehicles being tied up while they may be needed for more urgent needs in their county.

Alan Cooper
Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio

An update of the news, events and issues that are trending right now across South Carolina's business community.

Mike Switzer interviews Alan Cooper, founder and editor of three online business news websites in South Carolina: MidlandsBiz, UpstateBizSC, and LowCountryBizSC.

A Minute with Miles
SC Public Radio/Mary Noble Ours

No piece of music is ever just “about” any one thing. In Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni, Don Giovanni stands beneath Donna Elvira’s window and sings the aria Deh vieni alla finestra, “Come to the window, O my treasure.” It’s a serenade, a love song, and a very beautiful one. But there’s one big problem: it’s a fake.

Barbara Carroll, Clyde Lombardi, and Chuck Wayne, Downbeat magazine, New York, N.Y., ca. Sept. 1947
William P. Gottlieb Collection, Library of Congress

Pianist and vocalist Barbara Carroll (1925 – 2017) was described as a joyous and swinging jazz stylist. A dear friend of McPartland’s, Carroll had a monumental career. When she was a guest on the program in 1979, she had just started her engagement at Bemelmans Bar in Manhattan, where she would perform for a remarkable 25 years. On this episode from the first season of Piano Jazz, she plays an original, “Barbara’s Carol,” and duets with McPartland on a timely rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.”

John Slaughter, Superintendent of US Park Service's Southern Campaign of the American Revolution Parks group.
SCETV/Original SC

(Originally broadcast 10/13/17) - The Southern Campaign was critical in determining the outcome of the American Revolutionary War, yet the South’s importance has been downplayed in most historical accounts to date.

Cliff swallows nesting under a bridge.
Marlin Harms, via Wikimedia Commons

The colonial nesting birds are often found on cliff faces in the western U.S. In South Carolina, you will often find them under bridges.

South Carolina From A to Z
SC Public Radio

"C" is for Coker, Charles Westfield (1879-1931). Businessman, philanthropist, social reformer. At an early age, Coker became involved in his family’s various business enterprises. In 1899, when the Cokers organized the Southern Novelty Company in Hartsville, he became its first treasurer and chief salesman. In 1918 he became president of the company. It was Charles Coker who brought modern industrial and managerial practice to the family-controlled business, which changed its name to Sonoco Products Company.

Students Create Computer Games and Apps at Girls Go for IT Camp

Jun 29, 2018
Instructor Jaya Gantt, a recent graduate of USC, teaches 6th-grader Kenney Williams and other students at Girls Go for I.T. camp.
Laura Hunsberger

During the last two weeks of June, the University of South Carolina's School of Earth, Ocean and Environment was home to Girls Go for I.T., a camp for middle school-age girls who are interested in learning about computer science and programming. South Carolina Public Radio's Laura Hunsberger and Clayton Sears went to USC's campus to see what the girls are creating and to talk with the professors who started the program, Dr.

State House Week for July 29, 2018

Jun 29, 2018
State House Week
SC Public Radio

This year's session of the SC General Assembly has finally ends, as lawmakers pass a wide-ranging plan to address the V.C. Summer nuclear debacle.