Usain Bolt, the track star who retired last year as the world's fastest man, is poised to hold a six-week trial with a pro soccer team in Australia and could earn a contract if all goes well, the team says. A deal could fulfill Bolt's long-held dream of playing pro soccer – but it's also being met with skepticism.

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The company that owns the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas has asked federal courts to declare that it is not liable in the October 2017 mass shooting carried out by a gunman staying at Mandalay Bay.

Stephen Paddock stayed at the resort for several days before he opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest music festival. Aiming from the windows of his 32nd-floor hotel room, he killed 58 people and injured hundreds.

A day after his much-criticized news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Trump continues to be on the receiving end of criticism from both sides of the aisle for his remarks that he didn't see "any reason" why Russia was responsible for hacking the 2016 election, as U.S. intelligence agencies have found.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., told reporters Tuesday that Russia "did meddle with our elections," and said he would consider further sanctions against Moscow.

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More than 400 years after Galileo Galilei discovered the first of Jupiter's moons, astronomers have found a dozen more — including one they've dubbed "oddball" — orbiting the planet. That brings the total number of Jovian moons to 79.

A Southern Copperhead
Ltshears [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

The Copperhead is more likely to strike when disturbed than any other venoumous snake in the state.

Four years after Eric Garner was put in a chokehold by a police officer on Staten Island and died, the New York Police Department says it will pursue disciplinary actions against officers involved in the case. Police had postponed the move out of deference to a Justice Department inquiry.

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The horror of imagining a dozen Thai boys trapped inside that frigid cavern chamber was followed — in the minds of some parents — by a sense of indignation.

The thirteenth soul wasting away in the cave was an adult: their 25-year-old football coach. Might he face charges, so the thinking goes, for joining and thus condoning this trek — especially since the cavernous tunnels were marked with warning signs?

Goldman Sachs' new CEO has a side hobby as a DJ

1 hour ago

Full-time company president, part-time DJ. 

Goldman Sachs has just announced that David Solomon, 56, will be its next CEO, taking over the reins from the current chairman, Lloyd Blankfein. We found out that when he's not helping steer the direction of one of the world's largest investment banks, he serves as an electronic dance DJ under the name "DJ D-Sol," with gigs in New York, Miami and the Bahamas. 

Goldman Sachs names David Solomon, investment banker and DJ, as its new CEO

2 hours ago

The powerhouse investment bank Goldman Sachs has just announced David Solomon will be its next CEO, succeeding chairman Lloyd Blankfein. 

Solomon, 56, is the firm's current president, rising through the ranks since he first arrived at the company. Following the financial crisis, he's been a part of Goldman's shift from trading toward consumer lending (in 2016, the company launched a direct bank called GS Bank, where consumers could open savings accounts).

(U.S. Edition) The Federal Communications Commission has thrown a wrench into a proposed merger between Sinclair Broadcast Group and the Tribune Media Company. We'll look at why FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who's considered pretty business-friendly, has a problem with the deal.

A cars-for-cheese deal

4 hours ago

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service … About 600 million people are about to benefit from a major free trade agreement between the European Union and Japan in what's called a "cars-for-cheese deal." With tariffs on most goods set to disappear, we explain why it’s America — not Asia — that’s suffering from the “protectionist disease." Then, the world's largest e-commerce retailer may be running a massive promotion, but in Germany, Amazon's workers are striking over pay.


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