George Kearns

Host, Producer

George Kearns has over 25 years experience in South Carolina radio, with more than 10 years in radio news. Since 2012, he’s been a producer for South Carolina Public Radio and a narrator for ETV, voicing several short films for The South Carolina Hall of Fame. He is currently the local host of NPR’s Morning Edition, producing South Carolina Headlines and Statewide Weather; and manages Social Media for ETV Radio and The South Carolina Business Review.

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Updates on Tropical Storm Irma, plus a live report from harbor side in Charleston by Victoria Hansen.

Now Tropical Storm Irma is going to cause widespread flooding in Charleston at high tide today.

Department of Transportation Commissioner Christy Hall on possible effects of Irma's winds on traffic.

North Charleston Mayor Kieth Summey: " is the time to leave."

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg on the effect of the high tides on Irma's storm surge.

  Public Information Director of the South Carolina Emergency Management Division reminds residents that the worst of this storm is still to come.

Ginny Jones, of SCE&G, suggests customers call and register their phone numbers in order to report power outages by text.