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Naturalist Rudy Mancke served as naturalist and co-host of South Carolina ETV's NatureScene which began it's long run in 1978. His field trips, broadcast nationwide, have earned him a legion of dedicated viewers. Rudy's knowledge of the complex inner-workings of different ecosystems and his great admiration for the natural world make him the perfect guide. In fact, the National Wildlife Federation and the Garden Club of America honored his commitment to resource conservation with special awards. Since retiring from SCETV, Rudy has gone on to teach at the University of South Carolina, Columbia.

Before coming to television, Rudy served as the natural history curator at the South Carolina State Museum for 10 years, and was a high school biology and geology teacher. He earned a degree at Wofford College, attended graduate school at the University of South Carolina, and received honorary doctorate degrees from the College of Charleston, Winthrop College, and Wofford College.

Rudy Mancke currently hosts NatureNotes on both SCETV and South Carolina Public Radio.

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Imperial Moths

Jun 9, 2017
Imperial Moths mating.
National Park Service/Kent Walters

A listener finds a mating pair of Imperial Moths amongst some fallen leaves.

Wait...Is That an Ear?

Jun 8, 2017
The bud scale of a Magnolia.
Coleur, via Pixabay [CC0]

Found: what looks like a lopped off ear of some animal. But, what is it, really?

Rat Snakes

Jun 7, 2017
A yellow rat snake.
Cliff from Arlington, Virginia, USA, via Wikimedia Commons

Yellow Rat Snakes and Black Rat Snakes are two sub species, or inter-grades, of the same species.

Killdeer Hatching

Jun 6, 2017
A Killdeer with its nest and eggs.
Mykola Swarnyk, via Wikimedia Commons

A listener has been keeping an eye on a nest full of Killdeer eggs...