"C" is for Callen, Maude Daniel [1898-1990]

Aug 10, 2016

"C" is for Callen, Maude Daniel [1898-1990]. Nurse. Born in Florida, Callen was educated at Florida A&M College and the Tuskegee Institute. In 1923, now a registered nurse, she arrived in Berkeley County as a missionary of the Episcopal Church. She was often the sole health-care provider, teacher, and nutritionist for the remote and scattered population of a 400 square mile area. She is best remembered for her work as a nurse mid-wife, delivering more than one thousands babies and providing pre-natal and post-natal care for mothers. In the 1940s she was instrumental in the establishment of a Midwife Training Institute at Penn Center to train and license midwives. Maude Daniel Callen's work and generosity were recognized with an honorary degree from Clemson University and induction into the South Carolina Hall of Fame.