"D" is for Dixon, Dorsey [1897-1968] and Howard Dixon [1903-1961]

Nov 16, 2017

Credit SC Public Radio

"D" is for Dixon, Dorsey [1897-1968] and Howard Dixon [1903-1961]. Musicians. The Dixon Brothers, popular during the 1930s composed many original songs on diverse subjects, including the life and labor of textile workers. With Dorsey on guitar and Howard leading on steel guitar, their sound was more distinct than the traditional mandolin-guitar or twin-guitar duets. Their vocal harmony—albeit a bit rough—nonetheless had a style uniquely their own. All total they cut some 55 sides for Bluebird—many of which are extremely rare. Among their popular numbers are "Sales Tax on Women," "She Tickles Me," "The Intoxicated Rat," and "Weave Room Blue." The enduring appeal of Dorsey and Howard Dixon can be demonstrated by the fact that most of their music has been reissued, first on vinyl albums and later on compact disc.