How to Paint a Room

Sep 19, 2017

I love how a fresh coat of paint can instantly transform the impact of a room.  If you’re open to trying new paint colors, purchase a mis-tint (or what I like to call “Ooops paint”) to save a little money.  Mis-tints are quality paints that just weren’t dyed quite the right shade and are sold at a great discount at paint stores and home improvements stores. 

So, once you have a color you like, take on a weekend project.  It’s best to put down a drop cloth or plastic so you don’t ruin your flooring; you’ll want to remove outlet and switch plates; caulk any holes or gaps you find; and if you don’t have a steady hand, painters tape is great for molding and edges.  Start painting with a brush to cover edges and then grab a roller for the large areas.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you can accomplish a paint project.