Juice Vs. Smoothie

Mar 20, 2017

If you find it difficult to get your five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables a day, then juicing or blending might be a good idea to increase your intake.  Juicing can be a convenient way to get more fruits and veggies and blending smoothies is an easy way to get a lot of nutrients quickly.  But which is better for you, Juice or a smoothie?

A Texas A&M study which tested the nutrition of grapefruit juice versus a grapefruit smoothie found that the smoothie contained a higher concentration of beneficial phytonutrients.  The study suggests that it’s the higher pulp content of the blended smoothie that makes it such a nutrient powerhouse.  That’s not to say you should get rid of your juicer, however.  Nutrition researchers recommend a diverse range of fruits and vegetables in your diet- both from whole fruits and juice.  Whether you’re juicing or blending, the important thing is that you eat your fruits and veggies!