Narrative: Cokie Roberts' Look Inside the Letters, Journals of America's Founding Mothers

Mar 7, 2017

Cokie Roberts, Author and political commentator
Credit Thelisha Eaddy/SC Public Radio

Cokie Roberts is an author and political commentator for ABC News and NPR. Recently, she spent time at two Columbia-area schools to share her new book with students. In Ladies of Liberty, The Women Who Shaped Our Nation, Roberts uses the letters and journals of women to give another perspective of what was happening during the early years of the nation. 

In this edition of Narrative, Roberts shares how she selected the women featured in her book.

WATCH: This past February, U.S. Congresswoman Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was"silenced" for reading a letter from America's past. Cokie Roberts talks about how this event may have an impact on women and U.S. History.