Narrative: "I was the only woman, other than a secretary, who had ever worked in the newsroom."

Mar 17, 2017

Credit SCETV

In 1971, Linda O'Bryon started her first broadcast journalism job. During a recent Story Corp conversation in Columbia, O'Bryon talked about the barriers that blocked many paths for women, during that time.

In this edition of Narrative, O'Bryon (now President and CEO of SC ETV and SC Public Radio) shares how her career included opportunities to break some of those barriers. 

How a Conversation With Warren Buffett Led to A Memorable Story

O'Bryon is founding executive editor of Nightly Business Report (NBR), which has been a mainstay on national public television for more than 35 years. She spearheaded the creation of NBR while serving as the news director for WPBT.

"For years, when I was with Nightly Business Report, I used to go out and cover the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting and interview Warren Buffett."

O'Bryon said, Buffett was very generous with his time. During one of their interviews, he suggested she talk to a lady known as Mrs. B. O'Bryon shares how the 100-year-old business woman would become the news story that still stands out to her, to this day.