Real Food Lunches

Apr 5, 2017

Eating healthy at home is a challenge, but it seems like eating healthy while on the go is an almost insurmountable task!  The best defense in the battle of the bulge is a good plan, and bringing a bag lunch to work, or even sending one to school with your kids can be a good way to curb unhealthy habits.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a good start to any bag lunch, but proteins can be a little tough. 

Sandwiches, bran muffins, and even stuffed pita bread are all good ideas.  Keep your apple fresh by cutting in long slices and holding it together with a rubber band until you’re ready for lunch.  Have you thought of utilizing freezer pop molds to freeze and store a healthy smoothie mix?  Or find your old thermos to take along home-made soups and stews.  Take a few minutes the night before to set out your meal and you’ll always look forward to a healthy bag lunch!