On the Keys

Classical Stations: Thu, 8-9 pm

On the Keys is about the most versatile of instruments, the piano. But it also features the organ, the harpsichord and most anything that has a keyboard or manual. All genres are fair game, including song cycles, concertos, sonatas, amplified piano, even the piano in the symphony orchestra.

How the show works: 

Most weeks the program is divided into movements or sections. At the top of the hour a segment of musical storytelling is called Around the Piano. Somewhere in the middle  you’ll hear the newest pieces for the piano. We are calling this movement Your Compositions. If you have written for the piano and want your work to be considered for broadcast, send David Kiser an email at keys@scpublicradio.org. Near the end David Kiser features old recordings in the Great Pianists of History movement.  Make sure to "Have a Musical Week" and listen to the program.


This and That

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  • This is your friendly classical piano music podcast. 

Ways to Connect

Courtesy of HHIPC

Click to listen to hear the winners of the 2017 Hilton Head International Piano Competition for Young Artists. 

First Place: Ray Ushikubo

Second Place: Andrew Li

Third Place: Jaeden  Izik-Dzurko

Hear Ray Ushikubo's interview with Fred Child here.

Old-Timey Piano Music

Dec 28, 2016
Courtesy of Artist

Ethan Uslan is a Charlotte based pianist who composes and improvises ragtime and jazz.  On this piano podcast a special edition of Your Compositions. Ethan talks about and performs two of his original compositions. Scroll down for audio. 

Inspired by Gershwin

Dec 13, 2016
Courtesy of artist

On this piano podcast listen to the Iranian born and Canadian trained Iman Habibi's piece Prelude a la Gershwin

The performer is pianist Deborah Grimmett who also happens to be the other half of the duo Piano Pinnacle with Iman, who also happens to be her husband. Terribly romantic...the way Gerswhin would want it. 

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Elements of a Piano Piece: Melody

Dec 7, 2016

On this podcast an overview of melodies for the piano, how they work, what they are, and what makes them beautiful. You'll hear melodies from Bach to Thomas Ades. 

Bach's Roadtrip

Nov 17, 2016

Arnstadt to Lubeck, Expected time of Arrival, 77 hours, 234 Miles.

Greenville to Charleston, Expected time of Arrival, 71 hours, 217 Miles.

Bach's pilgrimage to hear the great organist Buxtehude reimagined and set in South Carolina.  

Special thanks to our actors, Tony Sane, who played Christopher Bach and Mathew Goins, who played  Charlie Pachelbel. Yours truly played Johann Sebastian Bach and wrote the script. I also played and recorded the music in the background. Please tune in the week after thanksgiving for part 2.